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Urban Rooftop Garden in Auckland CBD

Urban Rooftop Garden in Auckland CBD

In 2019, the project at 51 Shortland Street in Auckland's CBD came with unique challenges in creating a rooftop garden. The intense radiant heat from surrounding glass buildings and swirling winds made the environment harsh for plant growth. Container planters increase the risk of irrigation malfunction, potentially affecting water availability. The primary goal was to establish the garden quickly for staff relaxation and social events while reducing water costs and achieving a visually stunning display.

Using TerraCottem universal proved highly effective. Through the advanced precursors, the plants developed strong root systems and within months, significant canopy cover formed. The Tecomanthe climber thrived, ascending the backdrop wall shortly after planting. These results highlighted TerraCottem universal’s role in promoting vigorous plant growth in challenging conditions.

Although there was no direct control plot, comparisons with a nearby rooftop garden not using TerraCottem revealed notable differences. The TerraCottem-treated garden exhibited superior plant height, density, and overall health. This project demonstrated TerraCottem's transformative power, turning a harsh urban rooftop into a lush, green oasis that exceeded the client's expectations.