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Planting in Central Otago

Planting in Central Otago

We all know how challenging it is to get plants established in Central Otago. The scorching summers with limited rainfall and the icy winters create a tough environment for planting. However, against all odds, the planting by Natural Habitat on Sandflat Road in Cromwell has surpassed everyone's expectations, especially Adam's (now with Terra Creations Ltd in Queenstown).

Adam made a special trip to meet me on site. He confessed that, at first, he thought TerraCottem was just another product in a bucket. But the results spoke for themselves, TerraCottem universal delivered an outstanding performance, making a "significant difference" in the success of the installation.

Adam's enthusiasm is infectious, and he’s right, we didn’t anticipate TerraCottem would be this exceptional when we started importing it from Belgium. Yet, it has proven to be the best product we’ve ever sold.

Give it a try. It truly is Fairy Dust!