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Bromley Cemetery, Bromley, Christchurch

Successful establishment at Bromley Cemetery, Christchurch

Bromley Cemetery in Christchurch faced significant challenges in tree establishment due to its sandy soil and extreme environmental conditions, including its high summer sunshine and severe winter conditions. Evaluated by Dieter Steinegg in 2021, the project aimed to address these issues by using TerraCottem arbor soil conditioner.

Before implementing TerraCottem arbor, the dry conditions and difficulty in getting trees to thrive were major obstacles. However, after applying TerraCottem arbor, the first year saw steady tree establishment despite the dry northeast and northwest winds. By the second year, the trees were healthy, producing branches and budding well, indicating a marked improvement in their growth and resilience.

Comparisons with previous tree planting without TerraCottem arbor, revealed a significant difference. Earlier attempts resulted in high tree fatality rates and poor establishment. In contrast, using TerraCottem arbor led to better tree establishment over the two years and improved soil moisture content, demonstrating its effectiveness in enhancing tree growth in challenging environmental conditions.